ThaiIOT Designs

The THAIIOT cubesat consists of 6 subsystems including communication (COMM), command and data handling (CDH), payload (PL), electrical power system (EPS), attitude determination and control system (ADCS), and structure (STR) as shown in Figure 2.

The cubesat uses VHF to receive uplink command from ground station and uses UHF to send the beacon and telemetry to the ground station. Moreover, the stored sensors data are sent by the S-band transmitter.

The cubesat is designed to do nadir pointing during the mission mode by using one reaction wheel and three magnet torquers as actuators. The payload subsystem consists of the LoRa gateway that can store the data received from end devices on the ground and forward the data to the ground station which is main mission of THAIIOT cubesat.

Figure 1-2 : THAIIOT Components
Figure 3 : THAIIOT Appearance
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