ThaiIOT Missions

The THAIIOT CubeSat is developed for the IoT network purpose.
The sensor data from each end devices on ground will be send to and stored on the satellite gateway.
Then stored sensor data is forwarded to the ground station for the analysis as illustrated below.
This satellite will be in low earth orbit at about 600 km altitude.

Figure 1 : Basics of THAIIOT Mission.

The following are the planned missions of the THAIIOT CubeSat:
- The CubeSat can provide IoT service for all area of Thailand
- End devices can transmit data to the CubeSat up to 2000 km
- End devices consume low power and last for 3-5 years with battery energy
- The CubeSat can receive data from end devices up to 50 units simultaneously
- The uplink transmission uses the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology and the downlink transmission uses the S-band transmitter for high data rate.

Figure 2 : THAIIOT Procedure from takeoff.
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