ThaiIOT Payload

LoRa Technology communications can be divided into 2 types :
1. One to One : The basic communication of LoRa Technology. Data will be sent from device to device. However, signal strength is not controlable and unsafe.
2. Many to One : The communication which uses LoRa's capability of long distance communications and low power consumption so more devices can be used in data transfering. Signal is also encoded to filter messages to "Gateway" device to provide a lot better security than "One to One". The downside is it's complexity.

Figure 1-2 : "One to One" & "Many to One" Communications

Since THAIIOT Satellite will be on space, using Internet to transfer data between Gateway, Network Service and Application Server will be difficult. Researchers decided to put all of them together in a sattellite's payload module. Interior data transfering will be done by software that simuates Internet data transfering on ground. Then data will be processed with CDH sub-system to rearrange before sending back to ground stations by communication sub-system via S-Band. Each end device will be able to send data from ground to satellite directly to provide flexibility.

Figure 3 : THAIIOT data transfering

Process of developing :
1. Learn typical devices and softwares to support THAIIOT's mission.
2. Hardware designing
3. Create a prototype
4. Send prototype to a company to produce a device that is able to work in space.
5. Test LoRa Gateway to ensure efficiency and compatiblity with other devices.
6. Test LoRa Gateway with space simulation.

Figure 4 : LoRa Gateway process

Since THAIIOT is designed to be easy-use, end devices should be easy to find, small and cheap. THAIIOT users can find devices and install it with THAIIOT software then receive data via THAIIOT website.
In testing process to find a suitable end device. Researchers brings Arduino devices as processing unit along with LoRa module to become end devices as shown in Figure 5. Researchers have specifically done software researching to be able to use with LoRa Gateway.

Figure 5 : End devices
Figure 6 : End device setup in closed environment
Figure 7 : Spectrum analyzer setup to monitor the signal leakage
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